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  • where the pet(s) will be shipped to and from;
  • the airlines that will accept your pet, the routes they fly, the time of year and time of day flights are available, transit points, and size of aircraft available;
  • the age and special health considerations of your pet;
  • the country’s import regulations and health requirements.
  • Using a professional to assist in relocating your family's VIP (Very Important Pet) answers all of your questions (and some you didn't even know you had)! A professional facilitates the process with their knowledge and expertise in flights, flight regulations, flight container requirements, pickup and delivery arrangements, quarantine, boarding, import and export arrangements and proper identification. And as requirements, regulations and restrictions change, a professional stays abreast of these changes and makes the necessary adjustments to your pet's travel arrangements.
  • You do not need to have a professional pet shipper in your city or even in your state/country. Through their international network, professional pet shippers can handle any and all arrangements to ensure personal care and handling of your family pet from the time it is picked up at your home until it is delivered to your new home - wherever it might be.
  • Services provided by the individual members of IPATA vary from company to company and may include the following:
  • Pick-up and Delivery - between airport, kennels, quarantine, veterinarians and home
  • Flight Reservations - with emphasis on airlines and schedules that are best for the well-being of your pet
  • Flight Kennel Sales - the correct type and size in accordance with IATA regulations and to meet the country and airline requirements
  • Health and/or Veterinary Certificates - every country has its own set of regulations and these change frequently.
  • Domestic & International Documentation - consulate legalization, import licenses, transit permits, etc.

  • IPATA is NOT an airline. IPATA members use the regularly scheduled air passenger and cargo systems.
  • IPATA members services are primarily for those relocating rather than for those taking brief vacations with their pets.
  • IPATA members are not the least expensive alternative, but specialize in providing services that are in the best interest of the family pet.

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Home  Moving Centre Pets in Rental Properties Shipping your Pet


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